The River Journey Continues with CANRVRSUP

Posted on January 22 2021

SUP River Instructor

“Time is like a river. You can't touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again.” - Unknown Author

Owner Jay’s river journey continues into 2021 with joining the CANRVRSUP (Can River Sup) community and becoming a river stand up paddle board instructor. 

CANRVRSUP provides Western Canada with leading edge paddle board program, ranging from flatwater to flowing rivers. The instructors offer the foundational skills to set students up for early success and build their confidence and competencies to progress into rivers, racing, and expeditions. Sign up for a course and learn more about this rad river community at:




SUP has become a huge part of Jay's life as he explores new rivers and new challenges, and most of all continues to meet some amazing people and mentors in the growing SUP community. Jay has taken as many courses as possible over the last two years, enhancing his paddling experience, skills and safety knowledge. Jay has a unique stoke for life, his smile is contagious and he loves to share his passion for adventure, the environment and SUP. He brings his decades of backcountry experience and knowledge to his new love of SUP, and has gone down the proverbial "Rabbit-Hole" with flat-water, river-sup and surfing! 

"I love having access to Harvie Passage for training and honing my skills, and it's also a great place to work on safety skills. Along with having a love for the Kananaskis and Bow Rivers because they're in my backyard, I had a chance to paddle my biggest river last fall, the lower Quesnelle near Williams Lake, BC and it blew my mind and I can't wait to go back!"

Along with his Swift Water Rescue certification he acquired in 2020 Jay plans to certify as a Flat Water and a River 1 instructor this spring. He continues working on his safety and teaching skills while doing as much paddling as possible while introducing new folks, young and old, to this fun all-inclusive sport.

The jaylife13 team welcomes everyone to join the amazing and very welcoming CANRVRSUP community. All abilities are welcome, there is a course for every skill level. This program will boost your confidence and your stoke level! 

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